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  • Hello Hiroo Team

To those who wish to interview or film Hiroo Sanpo Dori

Thank you for your interest in Hiroo Sanpo Dori and our union stores. We are very excited and grateful for the attention that the Hiroo arcade is gaining with the help of you, the media.

To make sure that the interview/filming will not cause the passerby and the surrounding stores any nuisance, we kindly ask you to please read the precautions below written by the Hiroo Arcade Revival Union.

*Please obtain any permissions from the suitable organizations before interviewing or filming.

*Please park any vehicles in the carpark. We ask you not to park it on the road so that the pathway would not be blocked.

*Please pay consideration to where you place your equipment and staff members. Please make sure not to cause any inconvenience for pedestrians and cars.

*When you are planning to interview or film the store, please inform the surrounding stores as well to not cause any troubles. If you are going to move around while filming or interviewing, please inform any stores that you are going to pass by.

*When you are going to interview pedestrians on the streets, please state the name of your broadcasting station, show, and production company. Please refrain from interviewing anyone persistently.

*Please make interview requests on your own. The Hiroo Arcade Union do not offer any mediation or negotiation.

*Please look around our website and official PR brochure, ‘HIROOwalk’, to find any relevant information about Hiroo.

*Contact the Hiroo Arcade Revival Union/PR ( if you wish to announce the name of your show or the broadcasting date on our website. However, please note that the final decision to announce it on the website is up to the Hiroo Arcade Revival Union.



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