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List of stores that accept media coverage

To media and whom it may concern,

Thank you for stopping by today.

Have you seen our article, ‘To those who wish to interview or film Hiroo Sanpo Dori’ already?

If you haven’t, please have a look to make sure that the interview/filming can be carried on pleasantly in Hiroo Shopping Street.

Below is the list stores that accept media coverage.

↓List of stores that accept media coverage↓ Updated 22.07.2019

Edokko Sushi

Our Edo-style sushi store has been open in Hiroo for 80 years.

The third-generation store owner goes to Toyosu and stocks fresh fish with his own eyes every day.

Although it is a small family-owned store, our sushi is renowned for its deliciousness.

‘Eddoko’ love ‘anago (conger eels)’. Why don’t you try it with our ‘Nitsume (a sauce made by boiling broth down)’ for a side dish to go with sake?

The ‘overflowing Chirashi-zushi’ devised by the second-generation owner has made its comeback as well.

Please try our delicious dishes.

Tel: 03-3474-1033

Conditions: Can be reached between 17:30-20:00. Closed on Wednesdays.

Operating hours: 17:00-22:00.

*Consultation required if the TV shooting would be done during the daytime.

Hiroo Yawaragi-ya

This is the sister store of the Kimono store that has been operating since the Meiji period.

We introduce Japanese folk crafts and traditional crafts, all of which have a theme of ‘living with seasons’.

We welcome customers from abroad. English service is available .

Conditions: consultation required for media coverage

Address: 5-1-29, Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo

Operating hours: 10:00-19:00. Closed on Tuesdays.

Tel/Fax: 03-5789-6075


MERCI Our number 1 recommendation is Creme Caramel au Hiroo. (Even Matsuko Deluxe, a famous TV personality in Japan, tried it before)

We have recently started ‘creme caramel-shake’.

Our non-cut whole cakes are great for souvenirs. The richly-flavoured cheesecake is the customers' favourite.

Order made cakes and icing cookies are also available.

TV/magazine coverage of our store is welcomed, but consultation is necessary.


Tel: 03-5422-6160

Masala Kitchen

You can enjoy authentic ethnic dishes made by Thai and Indian Chef here!

Feel free to tell us how spicy you want the dish to be! We’ll be happy to adjust it.

Takeout and party reservation is available!

We also offer alcohol from around the world.

TV coverage is welcomed (the owner would love to be interviewed!)

Tel: 03-5424-3060 / 090-3963-9368 (Owner’s mobile phone)


Organic Hiroo

Relax your body through Traditional Thai-style Massage!

‘Extreme shoulder bone stretching’ and ‘pelvis relaxation stretch’ are only available in Organic Hiroo!

Maternity massages are also very popular.


Tel: 03-6450-4201


Operating Hours: 10:00-20:00

The TV shooting of our store is welcomed.

Junichi Nakahara specialty shop ‘Soleil’

The store sells the Showa period’s charismatic artist Junichi Nakahara’s goods.

It is only a minute walk from the 4th exit of the Hiroo station. Our store is the one with the red door beside a fashionable cafe.

We have any Junichi goods; from stationary to miscellaneous goods, books, reproduction painting, as well as blouses and dresses with Junichi’s design.

This store is popular not only by long-time fans of Junichi, but by the younger customers as well. Male fans are also increasing.

A woman with an iconic red skirt is painted on the window at the side of the store. It is famous to be a great place to take photos!

Operating Hours (store): Open every day except Tuesday between 11:00-19:30

Tel (store): 03-5791-2373

Operating Hours (Himawari-ya main office): open every day except Weekends and national holidays

Tel (Himawari-ya main office): 03-5449-8251



TV shooting is welcomed.


A conditioning room where you can have acupuncture, massage, and training.



Tel: 03-5791-7032

Operating Hours: 10:00-19:00, closed on Mondays (Open on national holidays)

Consultation required for TV shooting.

à nu retrouvez-vous

à nu means ‘as it really is’ in French. Please enjoy our dishes that bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients’ natural flavour.


Sora Calligraphy

Only 2 minutes away from the 2nd exit of the Hiroo station. It is located in a quiet residential area in the middle of the city.

Calligraphy classes are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

For business content, we write calligraphies for logos, advertisement boards, letters, envelopes, and more.



Tel: 03-6447-7338

Fitness Club Hiroo

We provide great satisfaction and best results with our spirit of ‘Omotenashi’.

Hot yoga studio filled with black germanium, fitness area that brings you feeling of release, 150 studio programs provided within a week, spa that is popular amongst females, and beauty salons are just a few of the reasons why this store is so loved.



Tel: 03-5448-9970

Operating Hours:Weekdays 9:00~23:00 Weekends and national holidays 10:00~21:00

Closed on:every 2,12,22th days and around the new years

We accept media coverage, but we only allow it before or after operating hours for the privacy of our customers.

*consultation required

Ajifuku Asano

The store that provides the most jako-rice in Tokyo. You can choose any kind of rice that you want during lunchtime.

The store is loved by young and old. Many customers from abroad love the dishes as well.

Please try our delicious home cooking.


Tel: 03-5466-1367 (we can’t be reached through phone calls between 12:00-15:00)

We accept TV shooting.

Shampoo bar by Roppongi beauty parlour

Japan’s first salon that specializes in shampoo, hair set, and makeup.

The store is unlike any other bar-counter hair salon.

We offer you shampoo massages. Self-hair set is accepted as well.

We have specialized hairdresser and makeup artists happy to serve you.


Tel: 03-3478-8167 (11:00-20:00) It will connect to the main office.


The store is frequently used to shoot photos for fashion magazines. It is famous amongst SNS users for its photogenic appearance. Many foreign media visit our store. Loved by the locals and visitors, this is the kind of store that frees you from everyday life.




Conditions: Please contact the store for any consultations about media coverage.

Funabashi-ya Koyomi

It is a sister store of Funabashi-ya, a store that was opened after their 200 year anniversary. This store is loved by females ranging from the 20s to the 30s.

A long line is made during lunchtime hours even on weekdays.



(Please contact the main office for offers on media coverage:03-5858-9721)

TV coverages are accepted

Picard Hiroo Store

A store that sells French frozen food.

We have more than 300 food, appetizers, and desserts ready for you.

Platinum Co., Ltd.

Person in charge: Kan Tashiro

Tel: 03-5572-6071

Natural Mart

We offer you organic products made in Japan and abroad. Starting with vegetables, we have snacks, detergents, baby foods, makeup products and more lined up in our store. Customers can enjoy a selection of vegetarian foods and superfoods as well.

Tel: 03-6408-2528


~A place to enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine & choice sake you’ll crave for every day~

Soon after we opened our store in December 2017 , we were selected for the ‘top 50 Tokyo Omotenashi stores’ and ‘Top 50 Finest Restaurants’. We offer you seasonal Japanese dishes and carefully selected Japanese sakes.

Tel: 03-6277-1577


※We offer English service



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