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Hina-Matsuri is a festival in Japan celebrated on March 3rd to pray for the health and happiness of young girls.

The most prominent aspect of Hina-matsuri is the display of dolls wearing traditional court dresses of the Heian period. They are displayed in belief that any sins or impurities directed to the young girls will be transferred to the dolls instead. The dolls are usually put away a day after the Hina-festival under the superstition that leaving it out any longer will result in late-marriage.

Common placement of the dolls:

1. Odairi-sama and Ohina-sama (the emperor and the empress) at the top

2. Three Court Ladies (each holding items to serve sake) on the second tier

3. Five male musicians (each holding instruments except for a singer with a fan) on the third tier

On the day, families enjoy the festival by eating chirashi-zushi (a colourful bowl of sushi rice), clam soup, and Hina-arare (colourful rice puff)

Related Event in Hiroo

Meidi-ya: ‘Hina-matsuri fair’ (-March 3rd)

Meidi-ya will be holding a ‘Hina-matsuri fair’, selling snacks, white sakes, and Chirashi-zushi to add to the fun of the festival. If you are still new to this festival, trying these delicacies out may be an easy and exciting way to get to know what it is like!



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