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Address: 5-16-4 Hiroo, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Website: N/A

Tel:          03-3441-3610

Business hours: 10:00 〜 21:00

                             Closed on New Years Day

English service: N/A

“Okashi no Machioka” has about 1,000 kinds of popular snacks, such as chocolates, candy and gum filling up the shop. A shop that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of the gender from children to elderly, is this “Okashi no Machioka”. “Okashi no Machioka Hiroo” is always handling about 1000 kinds of snacks in total, such as familiar snacks and snacks you have never seen from foreign countries. Our shop is visited by a wide rage of people, from children to elderly people. As it is offered at reasonable price, there are many customers who purchase so much that they have to carry them with both hands. There are products from advertisements and also bargain items available with limited numbers. Come to “Okashi no Machioka” where “snacks enrich people’s heart” and enjoy the world of sweets. Please use the “Okashi no Machioka Hiroo” for daily snacks, cultural festivals, excursions and welcome/farewell parties!

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