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Hiroo is one of Tokyo’s most outstanding neighbourhood. Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line runs through the Hiroo station and it provides convenient access to places like Shibuya, Aoyama, Omotesando, Roppongi, and Azabu Juban. Hiroo is famous for its foreign community as it can be seen from the vast number of embassies residing in the area. Arisugawa memorial park is one of the main attractions in Hiroo, where it shows its different side beautifully throughout the four seasons, making them an extremely photogenic spot. It is also known for interesting shopping choices, such as national Azabu, Hiroo Shopping Street stretching down the middle. Hiroo is diverse, energetic and convenient, and has won the 2019 “most popular places to live award”. Please stop by.

Hiroo Shopping Street

Hiroo Shopping Street, also known as Hiroo Sanpo-dori is marked by its signature dark green lamp posts. The Buddhist temple Shounji, located at the end of the road that stretches straight from Hiroo station, is a key landmark that can help you navigate this street. If you look at at the main street with the Shounji gate to your back, you will be able to see Tokyo Tower.


Hiroo Sanpo-dori is special because you can see both the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and the flowering dogwood in early summer. Furthermore, it is succeeding to keep the old downtown's warm atmosphere, while also offering many trendy shops. From old shops that have been passed down for generations - such as the public bathhouse which still attracts many locals - to the new “Instagrammable” cafes and restaurants of many cuisines, this street has a wide variety of shopping, dining, and activity choices. For English services, please check each shop’s information page. 


Hiroo Sanpo-dori also hosts annual events such as the Tuna Festival in May and the Hiroo Fair in October, each of which attracts around 15,000 people. During these events, the street is lined with various vendors. A mini steam-powered locomotive makes an appearance, ensuring a fun Sunday afternoon for the entire family. In the days leading up to these events, more information will be uploaded onto the Hello Hiroo website, so please check our updates if you are interested. 


We are looking forward for your visit to Hiroo Shopping Street



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